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Pastor Pica  

Pastor Pica grew up in Temple City, CA and was baptized and confirmed at First Lutheran Temple City, where He attended school from K-8th grade. He Graduated from Temple City High School and went on to study at Concordia University Irvine... Where, he studied in the DCE program (Director of Christian Education) receiving a BA in Christian Education Leadership.

He went on to do seminary training in the Cross Cultural Ministry- Center also at Concordia and graduated with the Masters in Arts: Theology and Culture in 2009.

Previous ministry experience includes: Jr. High Minister at Hephatha Lutheran: Anaheim, CA;  Vicar at Grace Lutheran: Long Beach, CA; Vicar at First Lutheran: Temple City, CA. 

Pastor Pica was ordained at Redeemer Lutheran Church

He was called by Redeemer Lutheran Church to serve as the Pastor. Pastor Pica accepted the call to serve as the shepard of the Church and School.

Mr.Pat Gagan

Welcom Back

Mr. Pat Gagan

We Want to Thank Mr. Gagan for accepting this request to be our Principal

Mr. Gagan was principal years ago and has agreed to Return as Principal


Ms. Ashley Gladden

Welcome to our New K-2 Teacher

Grand daughter of Rev. John Rumsey, former pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in the 60's -70's

Please welcome this great addition to the Redeemer School Family


Ms. Elizabeth Payan

Thank you for your dedication to Redeemer

You have done a magnificiant job thus far and I am certain you will continue to do so.

God Bless You


Ms. Payan

Ms. Say



Ms. Say

This year we are privilaged to have Ms. Say back again

She will continue to be a blessing to our School and Staff


Maria Rojas

Mrs. Rojas has been secretary here at Redeemer Lutheran Church and School for many years now. Her dedication to the Church as well as the School has been a blessing.

Whenever anyone, student, parent, or staff needs anything just call on Mrs. Rojas

JoAnn Bergeman
Administrative Assistant


Miss JoAnn,

What can we say.. Ms. Bergeman has been a staple around the Church and school for so many years. We don't know what we sill do if she ever decides to retire.

Janitor, Day Care , Administrative Assistant. JoAnn does it all.

If you can't find something just ask Miss JoAnnn. She will tell you exactly where it is.

She knows the facility better than she knows her own home.

Infact I think that Redeemer is her home.

Brian Carvajal

Brian has been important member of the staff for a long time.

He is currently coach and janitorial staff member



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